Profit from Space!

Our pallet rack, the SpaceInvader, lets you carry more goods on every truck – for the benefit of your bottom line, the environment, and the work of your employees

The Benefit

By stacking higher, you profit off your previously unused space. You benefit every time you stack two pallets on top of each other, because you are now moving two pallets for the price of one (minus the costs of SpaceInvader)
It is easy to calculate your savings if you know your transport costs pr. pallet or your transport costs pr. trailer.

A green solution

For every pallet space you save, you also save 3 kg. of CO2 for every 100 kilometers driven.

The example below shows the yearly savings in both costs and CO2 emissions.

Customer examples

Freight customer

Customer pays pr. Pallet and has daily transports via shipper

Impact pr. week:6 pallets
Savings pr. year:312 pallets
Route:Åbenrå – Brøndby
Distance:274 km

Annual savings

8.026 €

2.6 tons of CO2


Clients pays pr. trailer, which makes scheduled deliveries between two terminals

Impact pr. week:42 pallets
Savings pr. year:72 trailers
Route:Herning – Ringsted
Distance:246 km

Annual savings

19.859 €

17 tons of CO2


Customer pays pr. trailer when exporting and has gone from 5 weekly hauls to 4.

Impact pr. week:30 pallets
Savings pr. year:52 trailers
Route:Odense – Trondheim
Distance:1.250 km

Annual savings

55.805 €

62.5 tons of CO2

Costs* describe rental fee, handling- and return costs related to the use of SpaceInvader. Contact us for more information regarding examples or a evaluation of your optimization potential..