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Greentech company SpaceInvader receives Børsens gazelle award 2022

  Greentech company SpaceInvader has for the first time received a ‘Gazelle Award’, which is an annual business growth prize awarded by the leading Danish business daily Børsen. SpaceInvader’s solution helps the logistics and supply chain industry reduce its carbon footprint and save costs. The award is given to companies that have generated the most […]

SpaceInvader Climate Report 2021

SpaceInvader documents a reduction of 6,645 tons CO2 from clients’ use of pallet racks in 2021. The earth’s climate is challenged like never before, and we need to find solutions that are proven to work and implement them fast. We have one of those solutions at SpaceInvader. We worked with Kobra Advice to put our […]

Read Børsen Logistik’s article on SpaceInvader’s CO2 results

Børsen Logistik has written an article about SpaceInvader, where we talk about the results from our climate work, the publication of our first climate report (2021), and the CO2 reductions our customers have achieved. The report proves that what we fight for every day – making the transport of palletized goods more sustainable – is […]

Double stock versus racks – what’s what?

Generate significant economic and environmental value through capacity optimisation Every day, we meet with logistics professionals and discuss how they handle and optimise the growing amount of pallet freight they’re asked to transport during a time of increasing climate regulations and scarce capacity. Almost all of them are looking for solutions and concrete optimisation tools […]

The SpaceInvader distribution solution

There are many gains to be made in your distribution operation when you double-stack your pallet freight. Gains that benefit both you and your customers. More goods on every truck make you more competitive, benefits your bottom line, the ergonomics of your load, and reduces the environmental footprint of your entire distribution chain. How so? […]

Logistical and strategic heavyweight joins SpaceInvader

Britta Toftum joined SpaceInvader on June 1st, 2022 as Chief Commercial Officer. She arrives at SpaceInvader at a time when both the company and the logistics industry is busier than ever before, as more and more carriers are realizing the gains to be made by optimizing capacity and increasing a vehicle’s fill rate. With Britta, […]

Terminal transportation can be optimised with great gains to be had

There are plenty of challenges to take on when it comes to the optimisation of logistics. To name a few, there’s the climate crisis, the global supply chain crisis, increased flow of goods, record-setting fuel prices, labour shortage, and so on. Some of these challenges can be met by optimising your cargo capacity even further, […]

Optimising capacity – the green way forward

The climate crisis concerns us all, and global warming’s consequences become clearer with every year that passes. Denmark has a stated goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030. The transportation and logistics industry has to do its part, but it’s tremendous and costly challenge to transition an essential socio-economic industry, which for […]

FILL THE TRUCKS: Capacity optimisation as remedy for the supply crisis

  The world is currently experiencing a serious supply crisis, which also is making its mark in Denmark and the Nordic countries. The crisis did not arise overnight and has many causes, such as major logistical bottleneck problems from manufacturing China due to the Corona pandemic, galloping freight rates, acute global shortages of drivers, lorries, […]

In just 10 years, heavy transport on Danish roads increased by 26%!

This is the sad news that both leading Danish media Jyllands-Posten and TV2 national news – brought on Tuesday 21 September 2021. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this downward tendency by optimising the capacity of the lorries that bring goods around the country to both companies, public institutions, and private consumers. In fact, one […]