Savings of 20% – in transport costs and CO2 – i.e. a better bottom line and a greener profile, that is what Norwegian ASKO has gained from using SpaceInvader in their distribution flow. Read more

ASKO, Norway’s largest food distributor, was SpaceInvader’s very first customer. With a fleet of more than 450 trucks, ASKO brings food to all of Norway every day. ASKO has three key priorities when they send a truck on the road: the highest possible filling rate of each truck cargo, how the trip contributes to the financial bottom line as well as the environmental impact. Optimisation is particularly important with a view to the long transport distances in Norway. With SpaceInvader, ASKO has found a solution that delivers the mentioned priorities. The green agenda is also particularly important for ASKO, who wants to be climate neutral in 2020. The SpaceInvader solution has especially helped ASKO reduce the number of what the Norwegians call ‘leftover or excess pallets’ i.e. pallets with goods that do not fit into the first truck, and therefore must be transported separately by an external haulier at a higher pallet price, with extra handling, and an increased environmental impact as a result. An expensive and inefficient solution, which the SpaceInvader system has turned into a thing of the past. The increased efficiency is reflected in both the financial and environmental bottom lines. When ASKO double stacks pallet goods, they get far more goods in the trucks and have examples of up to 20% savings in the number of trucks. These are significant savings – both in terms of cost and CO2.

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At retail level there are also gains to make with SpaceInvader and double stacking. Better ergonomics, a more efficient working day, and time saved in the handling of goods. Read more

KIWI in Hamar in central Norway is an example of one of the retail stores that benefits directly from the SpaceInvader solution. They receive goods packed and shipped on SpaceInvader racks and get several benefits from the system in their part of the value chain. First and foremost, it eases the receipt of goods, thus freeing up time for other important tasks in the store. The solution improves the ergonomics, because the pallets, besides being stacked at a better working height, also pave the way for pallets delivered as zone- and category-picked goods that don’t have to be redistributed after delivery but can be sent directly to stores, where they are easily distributed right onto the shelves. Also, in this part of the value chain, the SpaceInvader solution helps create a more efficient working day, easier workflows, improved ergonomics, a better bottom line and of course fresh goods in the store.

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Blue Water Shipping

Blue Water Shipping’s “Go Blue” aims to make both Blue Water and their customers greener. One tool is optimising their load capacity by double stacking pallets with the SpaceInvader system. More goods on each truck lead to fewer trucks on the roads. Read more

One of Denmark’s largest transport and logistics companies, Blue Water Shipping A/S, has formed a climate partnership with SpaceInvader. With a number of ‘Go Blue’ initiatives, Blue Water not only seek to improve their own environmental footprint and economic bottom line – but also those of their customers. The SpaceInvader solution is an important one tool which contributes to that mission.

The objective is to implement the SpaceInvader system both in Blue Water’s internal supply chain as well as with selected customers. The capacity optimization obtained through double stacking of pallet goods helps Blue Water reduce their CO2 emissions and is also a strong financial case.

When more goods can be transported in an optimised way with the same truck, it saves space, money and CO2. Every truck trip saved – brings a positive impact on all bottom lines.

PostNord Logistics

For one of the largest logistics companies in the Nordics, every penny counts. The number kilometres driven and CO2 emitted must be reduced. With the SpaceInvader solution and double stacking of pallet goods, PostNord in Denmark saves every 8th truck trip. And the optimisation potential is even bigger. Read more

Following a successful ‘trial package’ process in its Danish line-haul business, PostNord has entered into a group agreement with SpaceInvader. So far, PostNord has put approximately 600 racks in circulation between five Danish transport terminals. During the trial process, PostNord saved about 200 truck runs – corresponding to an average CO2 / NoX saving of 12.79%. That is equal to saving every 8th truck trip. During the trial period, PostNord saved approximately six daily truck rides and expect that number to increase when more racks are put into operation. The financial gain (ROI) for the trial period is approximately 2.4 x the effort (investment). Savings will increase the more kilometres the racks are used. The longer the routes – the greater the savings. With the current set-up, PostNord expects to save between 4 to 6 DKK million per year and already sees potential for using the solution in other parts of the business – such as in their ‘distribution’. At the same time, PostNord’s sister companies in the Nordics are in the process of assessing the potential.

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Instead of two layers of beer kegs, the beer importer, Ølagenterne, bring home three layers of quality beer home from Italy when they stack their beer kegs with SpaceInvader. For each trip they bring 50% more beer to Denmark and save a quarter of a tonne of CO2. Read more

The Danish beer importer, Ølagenterne, brings home quality beer from Italy. Both product quality and sustainability are paramount to the company. Every year, Ølagenterne plans 10-12 annual transports from Italy. On these trips, they now use the SpaceInvader pallet racks. As a result they have been able to optimise their transport by 50%, since they now bring home an extra layer of beer kegs with every transport. They can now stack their kegs both higher and more stable and at the same time – saving both money and CO2. In addition to bringing more beer home at the time, Ølagenterne saves about a quarter of a tonne of CO2 every time they send a truck from Italy to Denmark.


Solar optimises their freight capacity with SpaceInvader. Instead of sending leftover pallet goods with an extra truck, they double stack their excess goods and thereby reduce both the number of kilometers driven, the costs and their CO2 emissions. Read more

From their state-of-the-art central warehouse in Vejen, utility, plumbing and ventilation wholesaler Solar handles and distributes thousands of goods to all of Denmark on a daily basis. They are constantly working to greening their business and use various tools to digitize, optimise and streamline the logistics flow in the entire value chain. Solar has chosen the SpaceInvader system as an optimisation tool to increase the load capacity of the trucks operated by DHL. If Solar for example has 39 pallets which must go with a specific transport, but they only have room for 34 pallets in the truck, the last five pallets are now double stacked. Previously, Solar shipped the excess pallets on an extra truck.

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