Save Costs, Space, and CO2

SpaceInvader is the transport system that optimises the entire supply chain with safe and efficient double-stacking of shipping pallets..

That means more cargo with every truck, and fewer of them on the roads. The benefits are many: less wasted space, reduced costs and less emissions.

Double up on transport

Utilise unused space and
significantly increase
truck’s fill

Double up on load
and unload

Make loading and unloading
quick and efficient

Double up in

Optimise warehouse
and dock

Easier handling of
lower pallets

Ergonomical working heights
Optimised handling in supply chain


Double stack to protect fragile
/valuable goods and reduce

Double up on

ADR compliant double
stacking method


Optimised product packaging
Reduced transport packaging

Reduce CO2-emission

Reduce emissions and save

Postnord img

Postnord Text

“We have saved every eight truck.”

Lars Nguyen Høeg
Transport Consultant PostNord

Asko IMG

Asko Text

“We transport more cargo, and drive less.”

Svein Sollie
Head of Distribution ASKO

Solar IMG

Solar Text

“The potential for optimisation is ripe for the picking, because we are increasing the freight carrying capacity in all of our transports.”

Jens Erik Sand Skibsted
Head of Distribution Solar

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Asko 2 Text

“It’s genius – very easy and simple to use!”

Martin Hammer
Terminal Worker ASKO

Ølagenterne IMG

Ølagenterne Text

“With SpaceInvader, we have increased the capacity of our European transports by 50%.”

Søren Skov
Owner Ølagenterne

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BlueWater Text

”When we combine SpaceInvader’s solution with our services, we create real value for the environment, the climate, and the transport industry”

Mikkel Østergaard Kruse
Director Blue Water Shipping

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