Greentech company SpaceInvader receives Børsens gazelle award 2022


Greentech company SpaceInvader has for the first time received a ‘Gazelle Award’, which is an annual business growth prize awarded by the leading Danish business daily Børsen. SpaceInvader’s solution helps the logistics and supply chain industry reduce its carbon footprint and save costs. The award is given to companies that have generated the most revenue growth in the past year. Out of the record number of companies receiving the award this year, SpaceInvader is placed in the top 12% with a revenue growth of 370%.

Each year, Børsen awards the fastest growing companies in Denmark when it selects the Gazelle companies of the year. In 2022, SpaceInvader made it into the exclusive club among a total of 2,651 growth companies that met the gazelle award criteria.

“We are very proud of the gazelle award and the recognition that comes along. When we also land among the top 12% with a revenue and growth increase of 370%, we are confirmed that we are on the right track with our climate solution”, says Steen Frederiksen, CEO of SpaceInvader.

The company has invented and patented a unique transport rack system that helps the logistics and supply chain sector decarbonise and save costs through capacity optimisation of goods handling in the supply chain from production to transport and distribution.

“We entered the market in earnest in 2018 and although the pandemic obviously challenged us, we managed to further develop and grow our business. The benefits our solution brings to the market in terms of CO2 reductions and cost savings are extraordinarily needed in challenging times with unstable freight rates, supply chains under pressure, driver shortages, high fuel prices, and an urgent need to think climate into all business decisions”, says Steen Frederiksen.

2022 was also the year SpaceInvader both adapted its growth strategy and prepared for further scaling and new market entries. SpaceInvader also published its first climate report in 2022 documenting significant CO2 savings for the company’s customers. Customers include major companies such as PostNord, Bring, Blue Water Shipping and Asko.

“The gazelle award only relates to revenue growth; hence it is not a climate award. In all modesty, we are proud of the growth, but we are particularly proud that our solution helps companies to become greener, which is ultimately what we set out to do. The future looks bright for SpaceInvader, and we look forward to scaling the business further in collaboration with both current and new customers and partners in the new year”, Steen Frederiksen concludes.

Who gets the gazelle award?

Dagbladet Børsen has been awarding gazelle companies since 1995. Nationwide, 2,651 gazelle companies were awarded in 2022. A gazelle is a company that has achieved growth in each of the past four financial years and has at least doubled its turnover over the four years. If the company does not report turnover in its accounts, growth is calculated on the basis of gross profit. Gazelles help secure the future of Danish business by creating jobs, growth, and optimism.

About SpaceInvader
SpaceInvader is a Danish green-tech company founded in 2015. We have developed a unique, patented, and modular transport system, the pallet rack ‘SpaceInvader’ that revolutionises the logistics and supply-chain sector. The system enables stable double stacking of goods by making optimal use of height during transport. The solution is designed to fit a standard EUR pallet and improves capacity and saves CO2 from optimised cargo handling – all the way from production to transport, and distribution. It is SpaceInvader’s mission to decarbonise transportation of goods for the benefit of society and the climate. In 2022, SpaceInvader received a Børsen Gazelle award and published its first climate report in 2022, documenting major climate savings for its customers.