Double stock versus racks – what’s what?

Generate significant economic and environmental value through capacity optimisation

Every day, we meet with logistics professionals and discuss how they handle and optimise the growing amount of pallet freight they’re asked to transport during a time of increasing climate regulations and scarce capacity. Almost all of them are looking for solutions and concrete optimisation tools that will accommodate these aforementioned challenges. It’s here that pallet racks and double stock are mentioned as solutions, and we’re often asked: Why should we use SpaceInvader’s pallet racks when we can go with double stock, a tool already in use and known to many? It’s a great question that we like to provide a nuanced answer to. We don’t believe there’s a simple yes-or-no answer when double stock is better than racks or vice-versa in terms of optimising your capacity. Confused? Let’s take a closer look at the two different solutions, while keeping in mind the two solutions can compliment each other for maximum operational payoff.

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