Save space, money and CO2

– with efficient pallet Tetris

The SpaceInvader transport system is created to increase the load capacity in the cargo area of trucks by using pallet racks in varying heights. The flexible and modular system offers pallet racks in two standard heights – 80 cm and 120 cm. The system handles more freight heights to stack pallet cargo higher and to fully optimize previously unused space in cargo areas. It has never been easier to fill a truck – and save space, money and CO2 – at the same time.

There are many good reasons to optimize the cargo capacity in your trucks. In a time where transport and logistics operators are looking for innovative solutions to optimize supply chains and reduce their climate footprint, the SpaceInvader system offers a solution that optimizes stacking and packing of goods to do just that.

SpaceInvader first launched its 120 cm pallet rack which has since been accompanied by a lower 80 cm rack which is an attractive packing height for heavy pallet cargo. And a solution allowing you to stack varying cargo heights on top.

“We have analyzed a lot of cargo data as well as package- and transport habits. Too often, we see how little cargo and how much empty air trucks have when they hit the road. It is unsustainable and logistic operators have searched for solutions to address that challenge. Our modular system allows you to optimize the cargo packing – at bit like the 80s Tetris game – by combining different pallet racks and freight heights to increase the overall cargo capacity. For the benefit of both your wallet and the climate.” Steen Frederiksen, CEO, SpaceInvader

The modular system is designed to increase the load capacity in trucks. Here the logistics operator, PostNord Denmark.