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Cargo-tetris can reduce CO2 from road transportation

By Steen Frederiksen, CEO, SpaceInvader. There’s good news on the climate front! End 2018, EU’s respective Ministers of Climate agreed for the first time to lower the CO2 emissions from trucks, which currently account for 6% of EU’s total CO2 emissions, and one fourth of the transportation industry collectively. That is why reductions in the […]

Can disruption be low-tech?

And can you make money from empty air? Today, everybody is talking about how we need to be innovative and disruptive. It drives development and thinking – from grade school on through our educational system, whether it be academia or the trades. Both the corporate and the public sector are also gearing up on innovation, […]

Fully loaded trucks reduce capacity problems

The Transportation system ‘Spaceinvader’ reduces capacity problems in the logistics sector  It’s all over the news, and everybody’s in the logistics industry is talking about, whether it is in the canteen or the boardroom – the industry is under pressure. Not financially, as they too ride the wave of the economic upswing. It’s something else that […]

Danish SpaceInvader enters Norwegian market

Cristian Guldbrandsen, joined SpaceInvader Norway as Country Manager December 1, 2018. SpaceInvader is now targeting Norway and establishing itself in Eastern Norway, where the company already has a foothold with its space optimization system for the logistics industry, which offers cost reductions and the CO2 footprint. With the entry in Norway, 38-year-old Christian Gulbrandsen will […]

Transport system SpaceInvader secures American patent

In September 2018, SpacenInvader secured a US patent for their innovative logistics system. Developed in Denmark, the SpaceInvader transport system has now secured its patent in the USA. The system which makes it possible to double stack pallets and thereby increase cargo capacity through better utilization of the truck container’s height, is now ready to […]