The SpaceInvader distribution solution

There are many gains to be made in your distribution operation when you double-stack your pallet freight. Gains that benefit both you and your customers. More goods on every truck make you more competitive, benefits your bottom line, the ergonomics of your load, and reduces the environmental footprint of your entire distribution chain. How so?

When you double-stack, you’re optimizing your packing and you can fit more freight on every truck. You save trucks, space, money, and CO2. Double-stacking of pallet goods makes it possible to easily and safely stack two 120 cm. pallets as one stable stack. With the SpaceInvader solution you can stack as high as 240 cm. and use the entirety of the truck’s cargo area. It becomes both easier and more efficient when you prepare the freight during production, loading the truck and unloading at the delivery point. The pallet’s optimal working height (120 cm.) optimises your workflow, both during your production and transportation, but also that of the customer, as your delivery is more ergonomic and easier to handle.

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