Read Børsen Logistik’s article on SpaceInvader’s CO2 results

Børsen Logistik has written an article about SpaceInvader, where we talk about the results from our climate work, the publication of our first climate report (2021), and the CO2 reductions our customers have achieved.

The report proves that what we fight for every day – making the transport of palletized goods more sustainable – is actually possible and makes a difference!

SpaceInvader is not only carbon neutral, but also carbon negative. In other words, we reduce more CO2 than we emit. This is due to our circular business model and our patented transport system that reduces emissions from our customers’ transport.

The report documents that we reduced 6,645 tonnes of CO2 for our customers in 2021. Each set of pallet racks triggers an annual CO2 reduction of about 4.75 tonnes, and there is potential for much more. Our next target is 15,000 sets of racks in operation. With them, we can deliver an annual reduction of 71,250 tonnes of CO2 by reducing the number of trucks on the road.

It is crucial that we can prove the CO2 reduction to our customers. The fact that they at the same time can achieve solid financial savings, is an extraordinary side-benefit in a competitive industry.

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Transport innovation company proves its worth

The Danish entrepreneurial company, SpaceInvader has just published its first climate report. The report documents that SpaceInvader as a company in 2021 is not only climate neutral, but climate negative.

Steen Frederiksen, CEO of SpaceInvader, gives two reasons for preparing a climate report. “We wanted to take our own medicine. We had to prove that we can reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, we also need to prove that we actually have a circular model that works. We can’t market ourselves as a green company without preparing a climate report. So you could say that the report is an endorsement of ourselves,” says Steen Frederiksen.

SpaceInvader’s circular business model makes the most of products, recycles materials and keeps products in circulation for a long time. At the same time, SpaceInvader saved its customers 6645 tonnes of CO2 in 2021.

Ingrained habits
On the other hand, the director sees the ability to change within the transport sector as one of the biggest challenges.

“It can be difficult to create the use of a new tool for optimisation. People who work with packing trucks need to change their habits,” says Steen Frederiksen and adds, “The transport sector generally lacks the creativity to find solutions to the green transition. I do not want to use the expression ‘foot-dragging’ about the transport sector, but there is a tendency to do so. They do not push their customers enough in terms of the green transition to help provide solutions. You can actually create savings here and now without costing anything,” he says.

Effective fill
SpaceInvader has developed and patented a transport system that allows pallet goods to be double-stacked, enabling logistics operators to fill their trucks better and more efficiently, ultimately saving runs. It is in the avoided runs you will find the CO2 reduction. Also, large amounts of fuel and other costs related to operating the runs are saved.

The solution can optimise goods safely and stably in trucks, warehouses and at the end recipient. The system solves key challenges in the logistics chain and reduces some of the biggest challenges in heavy transport – low fill rates and empty runs. Even with empty runs, a truck emits 70% of the CO2 it does when fully loaded.

“Our climate report and climate model are strategically important for us as a company, even though it has been both a lot of work and a major investment to prepare as an entrepreneurial company. The good news is that we have a negative climate footprint because our patented pallet system reduces the climate impact of our customers’ transport,” continues Steen Frederiksen.

The climate result for 2021 is achieved with 1,400 rack sets in operation. “Our current goal is to get 15,000 sets out in the world,” says Steen Frederiksen. The ambitious goal of the company is to seek investors who can help lift the growth plans.

In that scaling scenario, SpaceInvader would save its customers 4.75 tonnes of CO2 per set per year – in other words, 71,250 tonnes of CO2. This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of the citizens of a city the size of Esbjerg. According to the Danish Energy Agency, each Dane emits an average of 11 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Decisive documentation
“It is crucial that we demonstrate the climate impact of our solution to our customers. The fact that they achieve solid financial savings at the same time is an extraordinary side-benefit in a competitive supply market. We were created to make transport more sustainable. When we work with our customers on our climate model, and they see the CO2 savings in black and white, it becomes an eye-opener for the companies we are talking to,” says Steen Frederiksen.

According to SpaceInvader, the vast majority of logistics operators and transporters can save between 15-30% in CO2 emissions by working systematically on freight optimisation to fill up vehicles more efficiently. In Europe, the average fill level of a truck today is just 57%, so there’s a lot to be gained.

About SpaceInvader

SpaceInvader, founded in 2015, is a Danish green-tech company that is part of the circular economy and helps the transport and logistics industry to optimise freight capacity. The company has developed a climate solution that provides both a documentable CO2 reduction in the supply chain and a high return on investment. With its patented pallet rack system, the SpaceInvader solution enables stable and secure double stacking of pallet goods in trucks, warehouses, and at the end recipient.